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Hello, I’m Kamala and the happy owner of a Brother SE400 Sewing and Embroidery machine. I love to share my passion for embroidery and everything I’m learning along the way.

Reviews and Comparisons to Help Choose an Affordable Embroidery Machine

If you’re trying to decide which machine is right for you, check out my reviews and comparisons where I share all my experience and research. If you already know you love the Brother SE400, check it out on Amazon. I bought mine at Amazon and usually find the best prices there. But the discount prices change daily so check out the Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 sale price right now by clicking here. After buying, be sure to come back and check out my tutorials. They’ll help you get started.

Tutorials, Tips, Q&A, Helps for the Beginning Embroiderer

If you already have a Brother SE400 or one of the other Brother 4×4 inch machines, you’re in for a real treat. But, I must warn you — embroidery is so much fun, it’s addicting. Browse through the posts in the categories to the right. The tips and tutorials you’ll find there are tailored to the SE400 because that’s the machine I have, but many of the techniques, accessories, and supplies will work with any embroidery machine.

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I just love my Brother SE400, and I hope I can help you find the right machine for your needs and budget too. And if you do decide to buy the SE400 or one of her sister machines, I’d love to share what I’ve learned about getting started with it. Be sure to stop back by. I’ll be adding more tutorials, tips, news, and videos all the time.

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Our Readers Respond ...

  1. Donna says

    My thread just messed up and I don’t want to take the hoop off. I’ve fixed the thread but need to back up a couple of spaces, how do I do that please?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Donna, look in the manual on p. 140 for the instructions to back up the needle. But make sure it didn’t also mess up the bobbin thread.

  2. Paula says

    Hello Kamala:
    Your site if very informative, and I thank you for that! I just purchased the SE400, and studied the video that came with it, read the booklets, and watched tutorials on line, etc. My problem occurs after I have hooped a dishtowel for example. I measure the exact center of the towel, and line it up perfectly in the center of the hoop. I wanted to embroider: “Paula’s Kitchen” on the towel so I set it up in medium size lettering so I could do the first word on the first line, and Kitchen below it. Since my towel was lined up in the CENTER of the hoop, I checked it against the plastic grid that came with the machine, and the center of the grid also lined up with the center mark I placed on the towel. When I checked the layout, it appears on the screen to be in the center of the screen. Then when I ran a check by pressing the button to see where the words would line up within the hoop area, it stops to the left of the center line, and I notice the needle does not appear over the center line, but always stops to the left of center. I have done this numerous times, and if I allow it to embroider as it appears on the screen, the words are way out of alignment. I find that with everything I attempt to embroider on this machine, even though I put the fabric/towels, etc. in the exact center of the hoop, I have to tap the “move to the right arrow” about 10 to 12 times in order to get it to embroider on the correct area so it will be centered. I’ve contacted Brother, and am waiting for a supervisor to get back to me. One person suggested it may have to be calibrated. I was thinking that maybe the carriage of the embroidery unit is not aligned properly. What is odd is when you look at the plastic grid that came with the unit, the first vertical line on the left is positioned closer to the left side of the edge, as opposed to the last vertical line on the right, which is 5/8″ from the very edge of the plastic piece. I’m thinking I may have to send this machine back to Amazon, as I will certainly not keep a machine that starts out with problems. I completed a monogrammed towel that I added material to at the bottom, along with a row of rick-rack as my first project, but because of this alignment issue, I had to re-do the embroidered letter 3 times despite finding my center point on the towel first, and then hooping it in the exact center of the hoop. My question to you is: When you mark the center of the fabric, and then hoop it, and then place your grid on the top of the hoop to check it, does the needle on your machine point directly over the center spot? OR, do you also have to press the right arrows to align something in the middle for every project you do? Your opinion about this would be so VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!

  3. Lupita says

    Hi, i hv a embroidery se400 , but rite now i hv a problem on my screen appear this message F05 speed sensor , what’s that & how I can repair?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Lupita, I’ve never had that error and it’s not in the manual. The only thing I can find online suggests taking the machine apart, removing a board and cleaning the speed sensor. That’s quite beyond me. I would try turning off the machine and thoroughly cleaning the race. See p. 152 in the manual. Take everything apart that you can and clean it. Make sure there aren’t any tiny bits of dust or lint. How old is your machine? You could try calling Brother Support. You might have to take it to a repair shop, if cleaning doesn’t work.

  4. Regina Collins says

    Just got an SE400 machine. The basting stitch does not work properly — just stitches out a regular stitch. I tried changing the length, but still does not baste. What else do I need to do except choose the basting stitch?

    • Kamala says

      The basting stitch isn’t controlled by the stitch width or length. Are you using the zigzag foot “J”? Have a look at page 78 in the manual for a picture of the settings.

  5. Tammie says

    I have a brother se425. I’m trying to do an embroidery project (my second) and the thread keeps knotting and looping under the fabric and stabilizer. I’ve taken the bobbin case out and cleaned several times….rethreaded everything….tried a different thread and nothing has helped. :( Any clue what it could be and how can I fix it?


    • Tammie says

      I also changed fabrics and used a stabilizer and didn’t use a stabilizer….got a little improved version when I put the tension between 4 and 5

    • Kamala says

      Hi Debra,
      You can’t embroider on two lines at one time using the built-in font. You have to set up the first line and stitch it. Then set up the second line, move the layout down and stitch it. The other way is to create the design using software.

  6. Susan Nath says

    I always have a hard time getting the fabric straight in the hoop. Looks good until I have secured. Any suggestions on how to get it to stay straight?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Kelly, Not really. This is a physical limitation of the machine.You can split a larger design with software and embroider it in pieces. I’ve read this is difficult and I’ve never tried it because I don’t believe I could get the pieces lined up well enough to look nice.

  7. Chrystal DeWees says

    Have you tried to monogram with the basic lettering and fonts that come on the SE 425? I looki g to do my babies initials with the last name initial in the middle and a little larger than the first and middle initial

  8. Brenda B. says

    I purchased an SE400 in September 2013 and love it! I’ve encountered my first problem today. After embroidering two shirts, suddenly the embroidery unit will not move. It tries and makes a funny noise. The display states something like “malfunction; please turn machine off and on again”. I’ve done that, but without success. HELP! What could be wrong with the embroidery unit/arm? Any suggested remedies?

  9. Felicia says

    I have the Brother SE400 and lost the instruction manual. Can I order one? I also heard I can download embroidery prints when connected to my machine and use them from on line on my projects. Is this so? How much are the memory cards to save my embroidery projects on? Thanks

    • Kamala says

      Hi Felicia,
      I don’t know if you can order a manual, but you can download it from Brother’s website. Go here for the links.

      Yes, you can download designs from the Internet and transfer them from your computer to the SE400. Have a look at my tutorial here.

      I don’t know how much memory cards are. The price changes all the time and I don’t use them. I organize my designs on my computer and transfer them to the SE400 with the included USB cable. If you’ve lost the cable too, it’s nothing special–just a regular USB cable like you’d connect a printer. If you want to use memory cards you’ll need software and a card reader/writer to write the designs on the card. Brother’s PED-Basic does this and also includes a blank memory card. See my tutorial on how to use it here.