Accessories and Supplies

The Brother SE400 comes with almost everything you need to get started. For sewing, you only need fabric, thread, and maybe a pattern to start. To get started with embroidery, you'll need embroidery thread in various colors, fabric or something to embellish such as a household item, and stabilizer to keep the fabric from puckering. Later, a few extras such as different hoop sizes can make your projects easier and faster to complete.

Blank Memory Card for the Brother SE400

Embroidery Card in Memory Slot

Brother SA309 Blank Embroidery Memory Card Store your own customized or downloaded embroidery designs on blank memory cards that fit into the card slot of the Brother SE400. The cards can be convenient if you want to use more designs than can fit into the machines internal memory and you don’t want to have to … Continue reading →

Additional Presser Feet for the Brother SE400

The Brother SE400 Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine comes with seven sewing feet (buttonhole, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, blind hem, and button) and one embroidery foot. Other special purpose presser feet can make certain projects easier, faster, or more convenient. Brother SA177 Side Cutter 7mm Overcast fabric edges and trim seam allowance at the same … Continue reading →