Brother SA434 4-Inch-by-6 3/4-Inch Large Hoop

Brother SA434 4-Inch-by-6 3/4-Inch Large HoopThe 6-3/4-inch-by-4-inch large embroidery hoop for the Brother SE400 is designed to allow you to stitch designs larger than the standard 4×4 inch hoop or to combine several small designs without having to rehoop your fabric. For example, if you’ve ever wanted to add lettering or a small design to a 4×4 inch design, this large hoop makes it easier and faster.

The adjustment screw makes it easy to hoop a wide variety of fabric thicknesses.

The hoop comes with a clear, plastic grid. The notches and marks on the grid help you line up and accurately place the designs.

NOTE: This hoop does not allow you to stitch designs larger than 4×4 inches at one time, because the maximum embroidery frame area is a physical limitation of the Brother 400 embroidery unit and can’t be increased by the hoop. To stitch larger designs, you either have to split it with software, or combine smaller designs manually. It it a multi-position hoop that allows you to stitch them without rehooping.

Brother SA434 4-Inch-by-6 3/4-Inch Large HoopHow to Use the Large Hoop for the Brother SE400

See the four pins on the left side of the hoop? If you attach the hoop to the embroidery unit using the top two pins, the machine will stitch in the top part of the hoop. Moving the hoop to the middle two pins, will stitch in the middle. And the bottom two pins, stitch in the bottom part. The sections overlap, so you have to figure out how to place your designs within the overall area.

For example, if you want to stitch a name under a 4×4 inch design. Attach the hoop using the top two pins. Select and stitch the 4×4 design. Then move the hoop to the lower two pins. Select the name and stitch it. This is much easier and more accurate than having to rehoop and re-position your fabric after stitching each design.

Here’s an interesting way one reviewer at Amazon used this hoop:

I was able to embroider a 5-foot sign for an upcoming craft faire in just a couple of hours! It would have taken way much longer if I had used the medium hoop that came with the machine.

The Brother SA434 Large Hoop Works with these Machines

The Brother SA434 Large Hoop is for use with these Brother embroidery machines: Brother SE-400, SE-350, SE270D, HE-240, HE-120, LB-6800, LB6770, Innov-ís 500D, Innov-ís 900D, Innov-ís 950D, PE-270D, PE-300S, and PE-400D.

Where To Buy The Large Brother Hoop

The best place I’ve found to buy Brother embroidery hoops is at For current pricing information, availability, and to get free shipping, click here:

Buy Brother SA434 Large Hoop

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Our Readers Respond ...

  1. Chicky McCarthy says

    If I have the 6-3/4×4 hoop what is the measurements for this in mm? I’m trying to split a design and this hoop does not appear in any measurements with my software. Thanks

  2. Chicky McCarthy says

    I have a brothers se-400 and I’m.ready to resize/split a design that is too big for my machine. The only problem I’m having, having read everything I can to be able is the clear plastic grid. I’m not sure how this comes into the equation! Do I pit the grid on and mark the material? Not sure what to do? Can anyone give me some tips or advice id appreciate any and all!.thanks so.much

  3. Amy Gulotta says

    Hi! Your site is very helpful. However, when I used the 5×7 hoop in my PRW LB6800 machine the hoop was not stable and moved a little, distorting my design. If I want to embroidery something in the larger hoop, which two pins should I use to hook the hoop to the machine? Does Brother make a larger carriage to fit this machine? Thanks in advance!

    • Kamala says

      Hi Amy, You can’t use a 5×7 inch hoop with the PRW LB5800. The maximum embroidery area is about 3.9″x3.9″. This is a physical and software limitation of the machine and is not controlled by the hoop. You can’t just put a larger carriage on it. Everything works together for the specifications of each machine. If you want to use the 5×7 hoop, you need a larger machine such as the Brother PE770.

  4. Darra says

    My automatic threader is messed up my husband says I’m missing a piece but I don’t know how. Where can I get one?

  5. phyllis bain says

    I have a brother se400. The problem I am having is the safety device message comes on and the machine stops. I rethreaded, changed needle, cleaned the bobbin an race areas and still have the same message. What am I doing wrong? Any help wouldbe greatly appreciated. Phyllis

    • Kamala says

      Hi Phyllis, You did everything I do when that happens. When I got that message, it was because the needle was bent. You could try changing it again and make sure it’s inserted properly. Can you thread the needle with the automatic threader? If not, then it’s not lined up correctly. I don’t have anything to suggest except to do it and check it all again. Sometimes, even though I thread it the exact same way, it starts working after I do it again.

  6. Belinda says

    Hi. I have just bought a se400 and haven’t got it yet. I wanted to know what I need to buy/download to monogram letters larger than the ‘large’ size that comes on the machine. The size I want to do will still fit in the hoop as just doing initials. I just want them larger and happy for now to use fonts that come with machine if they can be used in a larger format or download.
    Could you please help as I am in Australia and the machine is not sold here so I can only get info from fabulous experts like you.
    I can’t wait to get my machine! Many thanks Belinda

  7. Jennifer Swearengin says

    I just found your blog today and love it. I have now liked you on FB and look forward to keeping up with you there. I have had a Brother PE-150 for several years and used it some. Until recently I felt like I couldn’t get involved with another sewing adventure as machine embroidery. Well, the time is here and I am so interested in it and already know my machine is too small for what I’d really like to do, but anything newer or larger will have to wait awhile. :( My question is with a multi-position hoop is software required? I have been researching software and am still learning and thus haven’t bought any yet. I was hoping a multi position hoop would help until I decide on software. I feel like I am bobbing around in the sea of machine embroidery trying to learn and not sure I am swimming yet, just floating! :) Would love any info. Thanks!

    • Kamala says

      Hi Jennifer,
      I’m so glad you like the blog and look forward to seeing your projects on Facebook. I’m not sure the multi-position hoop will do what you’re thinking. You can use it without software and I often do. For example, stitch a design in the top section, move the hoop and stitch a name or word underneath. That gives you an inch or two so extra space under the design. This is the simple way to do it. With software you could take a longer design and split it. The multi-position hoop makes it easier to get the pieces lined up because you don’t have to re-hoop, only adjust the start of the stitching. But you still won’t have the flexibility of say a 5×7″ or larger machine.

  8. carolyn says

    Hi i have the same machine great website thanks. Can you tell me where i can see a tutorial on how to get large continuous designs with that adjustable hoop you mention and what website offers those designs?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Carolyn, I don’t know of any tutorials or websites. I just create my own designs using Embrilliance software to add a name or saying under or above another design. How you do this depends on your software.

  9. Sharon says

    I just started useing the embroidery function. I have had a problem with the stitching, I am useing embroidery thread on the nedle and prewound bobbin for the bobbin. The stitches scipped nad looked messy. i thought maybe the interfacing was to thin, I used Pellon embroidery interfacing tear-away on cotton material. Help

    • Kamala says

      Hi Sharon,
      It could be the stabilizer. Is it plain woven, medium weight material? If it’s a cotton knit, cut-away works better. Is it hooped properly? – taut, but not stretched too tight. It could also be the upper threading. Try re-threading the upper thread, presser foot up, making sure you get the thread into all the guides and tension discs/springs. see p. 33 in the Operation Manual for exactly how to do this. It could also be a bent or blunt needle or the needle isn’t correctly installed. Or there could be dust or lint under the needle or in the bobbin case. See p. 152 for how to clean the race.

  10. Mika Lumar says

    I went to much better deal I’m on a tight budget. Thanks for the great advice on you site, you help me pick my first Embroidery machine lb6800 same as your SE 400 just comes with a bag.

  11. Mariah Santos says


    I’m a new user and wanted to see if you could walk me through setting the machine to the largest letters possible. I really appreciate your site and your help!

    Thanks, Mariah

  12. Judit says

    I just purchased SE 400 and was sold the Brother SA434 4-Inch-by-6 3/4-Inch Large Hoop.
    I do have Embird but how do I go about splitting the design to make sure it will fit this design.?
    Any suggestion will be most appreciated.
    I do hope I have the right one to use with machine. I was sold this machine and hoops by Allbrands.
    The instructions are minimal on the box. Judit

    • Chicky McCarthy says

      I’m having the same problem I’m trting to use this hoop with splitting a design but can’t find this hoop size in mm for hoop options. I also need help with this!

      • Chicky McCarthy says

        Hi judit. I just split my first design. The design size was bigger than my machine holds. 128×190. What I did was opened the design and auto split it and it put it in 8 different files. So I’m not sure I’m doing this right either. Download the embrid pdf manuel which I have been reading this might help.

  13. Maidah says

    I just received the SA434 hoop and when I opened it I was surprised to see that it is telling me that I need to change the carriage unit found here: Have you heard of this requirement? Would have been nice to know this before I bought it. Sigh. The paperwork that came with the hoop said it was for people that have the PE-300S, P-1000 and PE-400D, but the website I have attached here says it is for SE400. Any insight or help you can provide? You are always where I turn. :-)


    • Kamala says

      Hi Ma’idah, Welcome back. This is weird. I’ve never heard of this part.I checked on Brother’s website and they said this:

      SA534 – Three Stage Hoop for PE400D
      Embroidery Hoops for a variety of applications.
      For Use With: PE-400D

      Odd because they had the same picture as the link you gave, but it doesn’t look like a hoop.
      Anyway, I don’t think you need it for the SE400 even as a “recommended addition.” Websites are often confused about all the various Brother models. I’d go with the paperwork that came with the hoop.
      The SA434 large hoop works without it on the SE400 just fine. Brother’s site doesn’t recommend it for the SE400 and none of the reviewers on Amazon mention it. Hope this helps, Kamala

  14. Audrey says

    I keep reading about software that splits a larger design so it can be done in the smaller 4×4 sizes but I dont seem to be able to find the software that does this or after it is split how do you embroider it?

    • Kamala says

      Embird will do this. It creates several files from the larger design. Then you have to stitch each file separately, being careful to get them lined up. Depending on the design, the large hoop can help with this because it might save re-hooping.

  15. John says

    I know what the spec’s for this machine say about available hoop sizes but is it possible to make the Brother extra large 12×5 hoop work with the SE400? The listing on Amazon says it will work but other sites do not list it as an option… Here’s the link to the Amazon listing showing compatibility:
    I am trying to embroidery names on the back of shirts and need to be able to do 8″-10″ total length. Even if I have to do it in smaller sections it would obviously be very beneficial to not have to re-hoop and try to get the letters aligned properly.
    Any “real world” help you could provide would be greatly appreciated…

    • Kamala says

      I don’t believe the extra large 12×5″ hoop will work with the SE400. Amazon is confusing. One place says for use with the 5×7 inch machines and the next line mixes in the 4×4 inch machines. I think Amazon is wrong, you can’t mix hoops for the two series. Also Brother’s accessory catalog says it’s only for the PE770-like machines.

      I wrote a post on the multi-postion hoop for the SE400 here: Brother SA434 4-Inch-by-6 3/4-Inch Large Hoop. It won’t do the whole 8″-10″ inches. You’ll have to rehoop once which as you say can be tricky at best.

      Do you already have the SE400? Because if this is the type of projects you need to do, it sounds like you need the PE770 which is a good deal right now with the $40 rebate from Brother.