Can the Brother SE400 Do Caps?

Brother SE-400 Hat HoopYes, the Brother SE400 can embroider caps and hats with visors like baseball caps.

The trick is to hold the cap firmly in place while the machine embroiders it. A special cap hoop makes this job a lot easier.

For a description of the cap hoop for the Brother SE400 and instructions on how to use it, read my post, Cap Hoop for Brother SE400 Embroidery Machine.

Our Readers Respond ...

  1. connie says


    I’m new to embroidering and haven’t sewn in years but am wanting to do a lot of projects for coworkers and have spent a lot of money on this machine and the problem I’m running into is all the
    things I want to do my machine says its too large for my hoop and its not even close I want to know how to change the size of the hoop in the machine so it will let me sew ? their has to be a way, otherwise why would they have 3 hoop sizes with it if it wouldn’t let you sew them. please let me know what I’m doing wrong.

  2. Gail weber says

    How can I emb. a name on a stocking cap? There is an existing design on the cap so I want to place a name above the design or on the back side of the part that folds up.

  3. Karen Johnston says

    I recently purchased a SE425. I designed an image on “Sew What,” I then transferred the image to the machine. It shows in the memory (40/476 kb) so I know its there, but it won’t let me select it. Any ideas?


  4. Karlee says

    Hi! I am definitely thinking about purchasing a Brother SE400. I am making lanyards and wanted to embroider different designs on them. The width of fabric is about 7/8. Would I be able to do that if I put the fabric in the hoop? Or would I need a specialized hoop at all?
    Thank You!

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