Embroidery Thread And Stands For The Brother SE400

Polystar 61 Spool Set of Polyester Embroidery Thread, 1,100 Yard Snap Spools with Thread Box

This Polystar set contains 61 spools with 1,100 yards each of high quality polyester embroidery thread. The thread comes in a Polystar Storage Box with two thread trays.

The thread is vibrant, strong, and is a pleasure to work with. Using modern technology, the colors exactly match those in the Brother built-in designs and optional embroidery cards. The corresponding Brother color names and numbers are printed on the bottom of each spool.

Unlike the 40 weight of some cheaper threads, the Polystar thread is 50 weight which is the weight the Brother SE350 is set up at the factory to use. This means that you can usually just start embroidering with the pre-set tension.

The Polystar 61 Set is now wound on Snap Spools to prevent your thread from unraveling. Simply pull on the base of the spool, lay your thread in between the top of the spool and the bottom of the spool and simply push down. Your thread will no longer unravel and will stay nice and tidy in your Polystar Storage Box. The snap spool also helps you find the end of the thread easily.

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Brother SA503 10-Spool Thread Stand

Keep commonly used threads close at hand and neatly organized with Brother’s SA503 thread stand. Great for both sewing and embroidery threads, the stand holds up to 10 spools of various sizes and sits out of the way behind the machine. Each numbered spool holder has its own guide to deliver thread smoothly to the machine, and the thread locking system keeps loose ends in place when not in use. Goodbye snarls and frustrating searches–Hello maximum efficiency! For use with the Brother SE350 and other selected Brother models.

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61 Spools of Embroidery Machine Thread & Rack

61 Large Spools of 1100 yards 40 Weight Polyester Embroidery Machine Thread, Same color and number as Brother Thread. Also Includes Wooden Thread Rack. The thread is a very nice quality with a beautiful range of colors for a great price.

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