Embroidery Thread for Brother SE400

High quality embroidery thread isn't really optional. Bad thread will only frustrate you when it breaks and make it impossible to embroider neat, precise patterns. Good thread is strong, even, comes in beautiful colors that match your patterns and is a pleasure to work with. You need a variety of vibrant colors to create gorgeous embroidery designs with your Brother SE400. Here are a few recommendations:

Embroidery Thread And Stands For The Brother SE400

Polystar 61 Spool Set of Polyester Embroidery Thread, 1,100 Yard Snap Spools with Thread Box This Polystar set contains 61 spools with 1,100 yards each of high quality polyester embroidery thread. The thread comes in a Polystar Storage Box with two thread trays. The thread is vibrant, strong, and is a pleasure to work with. … Continue reading →