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What Settings Does the Brother SE400 Have?

Some useful information and controls are hidden away in the Settings Panel. To see them,press the Settings Key on the Control Panel (circled in red in the photo below): You’ll come to the first page of settings. You can cycle through the various options by pressing the > (next) and < (previous) keys. The available … Continue reading →

How to Remove a Saved Design

You can save up to 12 designs (or 512KB) in the Brother SE400’s permanent memory. This is handy for saving special words or designs you’ve customized so that you can use them again, even if you turn off the machine. When you’re finished with a design or need more room, you can easily use the … Continue reading →

How to Get to the Home Screen

You can quickly get to the home screen from any screen by pressing the Embroidery key on the Control Panel. The icon looks like a hoop with a flower in it. I’ve circled this key in red in the photo on the right. Brother calls this key the “Embroidery Key” in the Operation Manual because … Continue reading →

How to Find the Brother SE400’s Machine Number

Machine Number in Control Panel

Using embroidery designs from Brother’s site requires that the design be linked to the machine that you’ll use to embroider the design. This allows Brother to prepare the size and format of the design that will work properly with your machine. It also allows them to copy-protect the designs, especially the special licensed character … Continue reading →

Can the Brother SE400 Do Caps?

The Brother SE400 Embroidering a Cap

Yes, the Brother SE400 can embroider caps and hats with visors like baseball caps. The trick is to hold the cap firmly in place while the machine embroiders it. A special cap hoop makes this job a lot easier. For a description of the cap hoop for the Brother SE400 and instructions on how to … Continue reading →

Where Can I Download Brother SE400 Manuals?

You can download three Brother SE400 Operation and User’s Manuals in PDF format from Brother’s website. Here are the direct links because it can be hard to find the exact place. Quick Reference Guide A very handy illustrated guide in color that you can keep referring to for the built-in stitches, embroidery designs, fonts, and … Continue reading →