How To Download Designs To The Brother SE400

Download designs with the USB port and cable

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the new USB port and downloading designs. This article will explain step-by-step how to download embroidery designs from your computer into a Brother SE400.

You can connect the Brother SE400 directly to your computer (PC or Mac) with the included USB cable. You can then download embroidery designs saved on your computer into the SE400 for stitching. You can also upgrade the internal software in the SE400 when Brother releases an upgrade.

NOTE: The USB port on the SE400 only accepts a USB cable that attaches to your computer. It is not compatible with USB drives, thumb or jump drives, memory sticks, etc.

Find Embroidery Designs that Work with the SE400

There are many websites where you can purchase embroidery designs and download them directly to your computer. Most sites have free designs you can try. You can also obtain designs on CDs. Designs on CD can either be saved to your computer first or copied directly to the SE400.

Make Sure the Design File Is Compatible with the Brother SE400:

.PES or .DST Embroidery Data File Format

The Brother SE400 can only read embroidery data files in .PES and .DST format. The best format for Brother embroidery machines is .PES because it contains information about the design such as number of stitches, number of colors, thread color names, and allows displaying an image of the design on the LCD panel.

Tajima (.dst) formats have some limitations that make them less convienent. Only the first eight characters of the file name are displayed in the LCD control panel. The image of the design cannot be displayed. Because the .dst format does not contain the thread color information, the design is displayed with Brother’s default thread color sequence. You will have to look at the design and pick the color you want for each displayed color.

Sometimes embroidery design files that you download from the Internet are “zipped.” You’ll know because the file name ends with “.zip”. On Mactinoshes and Windows XP and later, you can just double-click the file to “un-zip” it. (If this doesn’t work on Windows, you’ll need to install a free utility such as WinZip.) Then you’ll see the .pes files.

Design Fits in the 4×4 Inch Embroidery Area

Although the maximum embroidery size is commonly refered to as a 4×4 inch hoop size, it really doesn’t depend on the hoop. The embroidery unit of the Brother SE400 is physically incapable of embroidering a larger size because that’s the maximum amount the unit will move. The actual maximum size is 3.93 inches (9.98 cm or 99.8mm).

Check the File Name

The SE400 won’t recognize embroidery files with special characters in the name. If you have a file name with special characters, rename the file before uploading it to the machine. It’s safest to use only letters (upper and lowercase), numbers, “-”) and underscore (“_”) in file names.

Connect Your Computer to the Brother SE400

Included USB Cable USB Cable to SE400 USB Cable to Computer SE400 Connected to Computer

USB Cable Included
With The Brother SE400

Plug the square end
into the SE400.

Plug the flat end
into the computer.

The Brother SE400
Connected to the Computer

Plug the square end of the included USB cable into the USB port on the right side of the SE400. Plug the flat end of the cable into a USB port on your computer.

Make sure both the computer and the embroidery machine are turned on.

Brother SE400 LCDOn the SE400 LCD screen, press the USB icon. This will take you to a screen that will give you information about the designs you’re downloading.

Look at the LCD Screen

It’s helpful to glance at the Brother SE400 touch screen while you’re copying files over. The message “Transmitting by USB” will appear briefly during the actual file transfer. And then you’ll see this screen giving information about the designs you have transferred over:

Brother SE400 Control Panel after copying file

The first number at the top left of the screen is the total amount of memory you’ve used. The second number is the total amount of memory space. The SE400 can hold up to 12 designs or 476KB of data in its memory. After that you have to delete some old designs if you want to download more designs.

Next there is the button (looks like a pocket with an up arrow) for retreiving the pattern.

Under the button, there is the number of the current page and the total number of pages. Two designs are displayed on each page. In the photo above, I’ve uploaded three designs. So I’m on page 1 out of 2 pages.

At the bottom, there are images of the embroidery designs on the current page.

Copy the Embroidery Design Data Files to the Brother SE400

For Windows Computers (For Macintoshes, See Below.)

Back on your PC, you’ll have “Removable Disk” listed in “My Computer”:

Removable Disk on My Computer

Open the folder on your computer where you keep the embroidery files. Navigate to the particular design you want to download to the SE400. Right-click on the design file. Click on “Send to: Removable Disk”

Removable Disk on My Computer

Do not copy .zip files. You must unzip them first.

Do not copy folders to “Removable Disk.” The SE400 cannot recognize folders or find embroidery files in folders. The individual files must be added to “Removable Disk.”

Do not copy more than 12 designs to “Removable Disk.”

Embroidery Files in Removable Disk

For Macintoshes (For PCs, Skip This Section.)

Although the manual says the SE400 is only compatible with PCs, it’ll work just fine with a Macintosh.

The SE400 will show up as an external hard drive, named “No Name.” Just drag and drop the embroidery files to this drive.

No Name Drive on Macintosh

Do not copy .zip files. You must unzip them first. Just double-click it.

Do not copy folders to “No Name.” The SE400 cannot recognize folders or find embroidery files in folders. The individual files must be added to “No Name.”

Do not copy more than 12 designs to “No Name.”

A weird thing happens on the Macintosh. The Macintosh system puts invisible system files in “No Name” which the SE400 transfers over. So the amount of memory used can be 16 to 28KB when the machine is first connected to the computer, even before you’ve downloaded any designs. These files aren’t embroidery designs so there aren’t any images. Only the amount of memory used increases. This is isn’t a problem unless you’re pushing the memory limits with large embroidery files.

Retrieve the Embroidery Pattern

Move to the screen that displays the image of the embroidery design you want using the Next Page [<] and Previous Page [>] buttons on the right. Select the design by touching the image. The selected design will be displayed in reverse highlighting.

Retrieve the Embroidery Pattern

Then, press the Retrieve key (circled in red in the photo above).

The embroidery screen appears. From here you can check the colors, adjust the pattern, embroider it and/or save it to the machine’s memory.

embroidery screen

Embroider the Design

You can either embroider the pattern now or save it in the SE400’s memory to use later. If you want to embroider it now, make any adjustments you like, set the machine up for embroidery, and press the Start button to begin stitching.

Saving Embroidery Designs

Unsaved designs are lost when the SE400 is turned off. So if you want to use a design again without copying it from your computer, you must save it to the SE400’s memory. This is a convenient way to save names and designs that you use frequently. Or if you’re starting a project or several projects that involve several designs, you can transfer them all over at once and save them. I do this so I don’t have to keep moving my computer next to the SE400 because I don’t have a large working space.

You can save up to 12 designs or 476KB of data.

After retrieving the design you want to save by pressing the Retrieve Key and going to the embroidery screen, press the Memory button. “Saving…” appears while the pattern is being saved.

Saving the embroidery pattern

Retrieving Saved Embroidery Designs

From the first menu, press the Retrieve Key.

Retrieving the embroidery pattern

The saved designs are displayed. Go to the design you want using the Previous and Next Keys. Select it by pressing it. You can then delete it or retrieve it to embroider.

Retrieving the saved embroidery pattern

Hope This Helps

I get a lot of questions about how to download designs into the Brother SE400 and the manual isn’t very clear. Being able to easily transfer designs from my computer with USB is very important to me because I’m always wanting something different. So I hope this article helps you do it too.

If you don’t have your embroidery machine yet, check out my Brother SE400 review for detailed information. Click here to see today’s price on

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Our Readers Respond ...

  1. Jessica Van Wyk says

    Do you know why some designs don’t transfer to the SE400? They are in .pes format and my computer transmits them to my SE400 and it shows data being used for the design but it doesn’t show up on the screen to download? Any thoughts?

  2. Donna Mcculloch says

    can you download and transfer a business logo from a computer to this machine via the USB or will it only work on formatted purchased designs?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Donna, you can transfer any .pes file to the SE400. It doesn’t matter if you purchased it or created it yourself. But the business logo is probably in some image or graphic format and not an embroidery file format. So first you have to convert the logo image to an embroidery design with digitizing software. What software you need depends on the logo. Have a look at

  3. Kayla Brooks says

    I am trying to use the embrilliance software and I can’t seem to figure it out to where it will show up on my brother se400 when I transfer the file from my computer to the machine. I was wondering if you knew anything about this software and how to help me. Thank you!

  4. Debbie Redd says

    i want to download a pes file to do the 3 initials for a brother SE425. I want to be able to do the 3 initials at the same time. Please advise me if this can be done and where to purchase this file.


    • Kamala says

      Hi Cindi, I’m so glad you’re here too. Thanks for visiting and best wishes for all the beautiful projects you’ll create with your new machine.

  5. jepoy says

    im here in philliphine i have se 400 sewing machine brother i have a patches design how to save i use .pes and also .dst but i save but not indicate my machine pls i need your responce

    • Kamala says

      Hi Jepoy, Usually when the SE400 doesn’t recognize the design, it’s because it’s too large. Make sure it’s smaller than 10x10cm or 3.9×3.9 inches.

  6. Clynn Altemus says

    Just purchased the PE700 and am trying to learn it on my own. Do the above directions apply to the 700 for a Mac in the same manner?

    Also, can you recommend tutorials that will help me?

    Thank you.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Clynn, I don’t know anything about the PE700. If it has a USB port that connects to your computer, the above instructions might be helpful. If it doesn’t, it won’t apply at all. It works for a Mac. Read the tutorial where I say that and look at the photos of my MacBook Pro. Your controls might be different, have a look at your manual to see what your LCD screen looks like.

      I don’t know any tutorials specifically for the PE700. Not saying there aren’t any, just that I have a SE400 and don’t look at other machines. In general, I’ve found the tutorials at to be very helpful.

  7. Heather says

    I am new to this and was wondering what software is best for combining pes file fonts to make words?
    I have the brother se 400 and have purchased a couple of fonts in pes format and have no idea how to combine them. I downloaded sophie sew but can’t seem to even open my files in that program.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Heather, I can’t really say what software is best as there are so many different opinions. It depends on what you want to do and a lot on personal preferences in how software works. Combining fonts can be done by any embroidery editing program, but I don’t know anything about Sophie Sews.

      I use Embrilliance because it runs on my Mac (PC version too). Many people like Embird or SewWhat Pro. They all have free trials, so you can see if you like it before buying.

  8. Lesa says

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You have answered my prayers. I just bought the SE400 and thought I was going to have to just stick in the closet because I have/had no idea what I was doing, but thanks to you, you have given me hope!

  9. Diane says

    When I transfer the design doesn’t show on machine screen but it shows in top that it transferred. How do I delete transferred designs from machine
    Without turning off machine. Thanks

  10. Whitley York says

    I’m new to the embroidery world! I’ve downloaded an applique design and downloaded it on to my brother se400 but im wondering to get it to do the applique does it need to download into the applique folder that’s on the machine?

  11. kaye nicholls says

    hi my name is kaye i got a brother 4000D second hand in november and carnt get the software to load on my computer i had up grade done but it still wont load can anybody help me out and do i need a unzip program to unlock the pes files so that i can use them ,do i need a special program to use them ,are there any free ones about i am in australia so i would be most greatful for any help as i am new to this type of sewing


  12. Marianne says

    Thanks for all these good tips. I just got a Brother PE500 and it has the same USB cable to download files. I had no problem with i broidery download. I was also able to download – actually drag and drop a appliqué file I purchased a PES file for a appliqué with name, so it’s a two part design. The appliqué letter with the name embroidered over it. My machine will allow you to do appliqué if you select one of it’s appliqué designs. The one I want to do (that I purchased and downloaded) will only let me access the appliqué design (which is a letter). I can see the name design on the machine screen but can’t seem to get that to come up when I select it.
    Any tips or suggestions? I am a newly at this so appreciate your help.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Marianne, I don’t quite understand about the two-part design. Is it two separate .pes files? And you loaded both to the SE400. The appliqué is OK, but I don’t understand why you can’t access it if you can select it. I’ve never seen a design on the screen and selected it (tapped) that didn’t come up. Sorry, I can’t help more.

  13. Dana (Lothrop) Dunlap says

    Hi there,
    My name is Dana and my boyfriend just got me the Brother SE 400. I can not wait for him to get the table set up so I can start learning how to do everything.
    I am disabled and limited on physical activities.
    I was wondering if you know how many disk of programs Brother has out?
    Is there a list of all the disk and what is in each one?
    Thanks for your support

    • Kamala says

      Hi Dana, what a nice boyfriend! :-) I don’t know anything about Brother’s disks of programs. I prefer to buy just the design I need rather than a whole disk. I just use designs I buy and download from the Internet. You can also download designs from Brother’s ibroidery site. Go to and you can see what they have.
      Have fun with embroidery, Kamala

  14. Lynn Worrell says

    Hi Kamala,
    Some of my friends are doing lovely items using a technique called “Embroidery in the Hoop”, where the entire project is made in the hoop, right on the sewing machine. They are using another brand of embroidery machine other than the Brother SE400.
    Can I do these kind of projects on my Brother SE400 machine?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Lynn, in-the-hoop projects are cute and a lot of fun. The SE400 can do them, but is limited by the 4″ hoop (maximum embroidery area). You’d have to find a project designed for a 4×4″ hoop.

  15. Betty Ferguson says

    Hi, I am at my wits end with my se-400 sewing machine. I have only used it at least 8 times maybe less since I bought it due to work commitments etc. Anyway I set it up to my computer to download some new designs from a disc I had bought. I followed the instructions to the letter on how to use the usb from the computer to the sewing machine. I had been working away for about 10 mins looking at designs from the disc to see which ones I wanted to save for future use when I heard a small noise coming from within the machine and then my god, the smoke was belching from within the machine and the smell of burning I have to say gave me the fright of my life. I contacted the helpline the next morning which was on my other brother machine BC-1200 and obviously they asked for serial numbers which I gave. Well I was informed that because I had bought the machine from USA they couldn’t do anything, and they shouldn’t have sold me it, I was so confused, however they told me to contact the USA which I did only to be told that the machine wasn’t compatible in the UK. I was beside myself, here I was with a machine that had barely been used sitting on my table which went on fire so obviously I couldn’t use it. I was informed by the person I was communicating with in the USA that the voltage from the 2 countries were different and I should’ve had a transformer or whatever. I had no idea what this all meant, as I am a woman and an old age pensioner at that I have no idea about transformers, voltages etc were about. I know there will be plenty women out there who would but not me. I asked why they sold me the machine without that vital information and that I could have been electrocuted or my house could’ve went on fire had I been embroidering a one colour design and went to the toilet or the washing line. As far as I am concerned I was very lucky. I contacted the USA again and they apologised and instructed me to contact the UK again and to let them know that I had been instructed by the USA to do so. I am letting you know this information so that your followers are made aware of my situation and hopefully for the love of God no one has to experience what I did. I am going to contact the UK now so I will keep you informed as to the outcome. This could’ve been avoided if Brother had highlighted the need for transformers, voltages etc if you buy a machine from the USA to UK. I would go as far and say it should be highlighted in red for danger, because if I’d read that whilst I was reading the details about the machine I would never had bought it. There was nothing to indicate the danger so I wonder how many people have had the same experience I did. Thanks Betty

    • Kamala says

      Hi Betty, OMG, thank goodness it wasn’t worse. The voltage in the US is 110 and the voltage in UK, Europe and most countries is 220 volts. That means that you put twice the energy/power into the machine as it was designed to handle. A transformer is a device that coverts the voltages. I used my US sewing machine in Italy with a transformer for years without any problem. But voltage is not the only difference in the current and with modern machines being more like computers than sewing machines, I’m not sure it’s OK to use a transformer any more. says this at the top of the page for the SE400, “We do not recommend using this machine in countries that do not support 120V AC even if a voltage adapter is in use.” I have had a few questions about this, so thank you for pointing it out again. This applies to anything you buy in the US that has a cord, not just sewing machines. You need a transformer and not just an adaptor. Adaptors only convert the plug configuration. In my opinion they are very dangerous because they make it less obvious that the voltage is incompatible. They are only really useful for dual-voltage devices like laptops or travel shavers, hair dryers. Please be careful and safe. Blessings, Kamala

  16. Wanda Eubanks says

    I am brand new to the world of embroidery!! I am trying to figure out how to download designs from my computer and have been unsuccessful. Do I need to download an program before i can download designs? I cannot get the machine to recognize that it has been attached to a computer, and the design that i have downloaded asked what program do I want to open it in? Please help!

    Thanks, Wanda

    • Kamala says

      Hi Wanda, Did you follow my instructions is this tutorial? You don’t need another program. The SE400 looks like an external hard drive on your computer and you use your computer system to transfer it over. I don’t think the SE400 really knows it’s attached to a computer. After you attach them, on your computer, did you see a hard drive that is really the machine? Look at my screen shots. I was running an old version of Windows (XP) so your screens might look different. But the process is the same.

      You cannot open embroidery files on your computer. They are a special format and for this you do need embroidery software. But you don’t have to open them to copy them over. It only helps with finding and organizing designs.

  17. Heather says

    I have the SE-400. I have a .pes file that a friend created for me. I unzipped it and opened the E: disk (which is my sewing machine). I copied the file (not a folder) to the E: disk and on my machine it looks like it’s used 84KB of space but there is no icon that I can save. I can’t see the file that is obviously there because it’s taking up KB. Any suggestions??

    • Heather says

      I just read a comment below that says a design won’t show up because it’s larger than 3.9 x 3.9.

      I have the large hoop… I’m wondering, what is the purpose of having the large hoop if you can’t use designs that are larger than 3.9 x 3.9?? Thanks for any help!

      • Kamala says

        Hi Heather,
        The large hoop allows you to embroidery two or more designs without rehooping the fabric. This saves time and makes it easier to get the designs lined up. For example, you could stitch a 3.9×3.9 inch design, then move the hoop and stitch a name or saying underneath. Look at my review for more details.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Heather, There are several limitations that keep the SE400 from recognizing a design. The most common one is that it’s larger than 3.9×3.9 inches. Ask your friend how big it is. Also sometimes the design isn’t centered or there are stray lock stitches outside the stitching area that make the SE400 think it’s bigger than it really is.

  18. casey says

    I have the brothers se-400 and when I buy a design and transfer it to my sewing machine there is no thread color I have to try to figure it out from the computer and their thread order is there some program I can get to let my sewing machine tell me what thread I use first and sew-on

    • Kamala says

      Hi Casey, The SE400 doesn’t know what brand of thread the designer used in the file. So the color names it displays are usually way off. There’s no program that can let the machine tell you the color, but there may be programs that convert colors. I just use a color chart. When you buy a design, it should come with a list of the colors in order that they are stitched, and tell you what brand of thread the numbers are for. This could be a separate file to download, a link on page, or just listed on the page. It depends on the site. I print this out so I can write my color numbers next to theirs. The design site also usually has links to conversion charts for the brand of thread they use. Then I just look up the conversion from their thread to mine, write it on the color list and line my spools up in order. If there aren’t matching numbers, I look at the image of the color on the list, and just choose one of my threads that looks close. If all else fails, you can page through the colors on the LCD screen and see what parts of the design will be stitched with each color. This can be tedious sometimes, but it can also help to pick colors.

      Also, the SE400 doesn’t know what color thread you have loaded. So you can change the color of the design. For example, if it’s a purple flower and you’d rather have pink, just load pink thread instead of purple.

  19. Jessica says

    Ok I hope you can help me with this! My computer will say it downloaded to the machine and so will my machine but it wont show up. Will you please help me? Thank you!

  20. Christina says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I try to follow all your directions but when I go to copy it onto my brother file in my computer (Im using a mac)-it tells me I cant because I dont have enough space?? This is the first time Ive tried to download anything onto it. Do I need to purchase a card for it or is there some space on the machine?
    Thanks in advance for your help:)

  21. BearWhisperer says

    Could I download a pattern that is larger than the 4×4 size and put it together as if it were a puzzle….or add each part of the design piece meal??

    There MUST be a way to do this………has anyone tried this?

    • Kamala says

      You need embroidery editing software to split the pattern. The challenge comes in re-hooping the fabric and getting each piece of the puzzle precisely positioned so it stitches without showing where you joined the pieces. Not an easy job and one I’ve never been able to do successfully. But some people with better positioning skills manage it. Time consuming. Some designs, of course, would be easier than others. For example, an open design with a lot of white space or natural breaks between motifs that you could split.

  22. Dinesh Chavan says

    Hi Regards Madam Kamala.
    Thankyou verymuch for providing lots of useful information practically to everyone who contacted you.

    I wish to ask your valuable guidelines regarding, Embroidary Designer Profession is open for any age, Secondly, how to make it interesting. Which is global hub / city for Embroider. How long it might take time to master the skill. Emplyment opportunities and wages per week would be.

    I have obtained “Fashion Illustration” certificate from National Institute of Fashion Technology from Mumbai. Awaiting Reply. I wish to God all the best for your experience. Dinu.

  23. Kate says

    I hope you can help me!
    I have a Brother SE400 (love it). Used it with a PC and Little Max card writer… then I replaced my Dell PC with a MAC. Converted the Little Max to work with MAC… BUT even though it appears the cards are written properly and the design shows up on the SE400 screen, they do not stitch. After a few stitches, I get an error message: safety device activated. and the machine locks up. The same thing happens when I try to download designs via the USB cable from MAC to SE400. I have Embrilliance Essentials for Mac, as well as Needle Works.
    (Purchased design cards work, so I don’t think the problem is the SE400).

    • Kamala says

      Hi Kate, You create a design in Embrilliance Essentials and transfer it to the SE400 via the USB cable and get the error: Safety Device Activated? So it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with saving to cards. The only time I’ve gotten that message is when the needle bent and made a tangled mess in the bobbin case. (my fault, not the machines) I would suggest changing the needle, making sure the upper thread is threaded correctly, and throughly cleaning out the bobbin case. See page 152 for cleaning the race. In this case, I don’t understand why purchased design cards work. But I would still do this cleaning and checking because sometimes even a small speck of dust or lint can cause weird problems.

      I’ve never had any problem stitching designs I made in Embrilliance or heard of a design problem that could cause this kind of error. This error is about something physical keeping the SE400 from operating. But I guess there could be something in your design it can’t do. I suggest checking it carefully or trying a very simple design, maybe just a circle or something in Embrilliance and see if it works. I also suggest making sure the purchased designs still stitch. But first I would clean, check, rethread and change the needle. Hope this helps.

  24. Sharon Pollard Cummins says

    Hello Again, I am up wee hours of the morning trying to figure out this whole embroidery thing! Is there a certain kind of file I need for it to embroider just the outline first? I can get the whole image to download(Thanks to you) but wanted to add fabric to the applique and its embroidering the whole image. HELP!

    • Kamala says

      Hi Sharon, you need an appliqué design file. They look like regular embroidery designs, but have extra steps for the appliqué and stop while you add the fabric, etc. I suggest you learn by starting with one of the simple built-in designs, such as #40, a shield on a scrap of fabric. Look for the designs marked with an * in the Quick Reference Guide. When you buy or download a design, you need to make sure it says it’s for appliquéing.

  25. Sharon Pollard-Cummins says

    Let me just say you have explained step by step what I have been trying to figure out for a month with the manual! I cannot wait to sit down and try and transfer a design. Your tutorial was so informative would you have or know of a good tutorial on how to make Appliqués with the designs I download(where I put fabric in the design). Thanks again for all your helpful info.

  26. Catherine Edwards says

    Your tutorial is first class ,thank you. Can you solve a problem I have? I went to an embroidery class and was told to take a usb stick . I bought one but it did not fit my brother sewing and embroidery machine. I felt stupid. The usb I bought was too thin. It was called a scan stick, have you any suggestions what I should ask for, Do you know if Brother make their own for the sewing machines. Cathy

    • Kamala says

      Hi Catherine,
      The problem is that there are different kinds of USB ports. The USB port on the SE400 and related sewing and embroidery machines are not compatible with any USB sticks. It’s not that your stick is too thin; it’s that the connections are different. The USB port on your machine will only accept a USB cable that attaches to a computer. Please don’t feel stupid — it’s a confusing subject complicated by similar terms for different things. Think of it like a like a language. The SE400 can only “talk” to a computer through the USB port, not to a stick. Other Brother machines such as the PE770 are compatible with a USB stick, so it depends on what machine model you have.

      About the class: did you take your machine to class? You would also need to take a laptop. Then you transfer the designs to or from the USB stick with the computer. And then from the computer to your machine following my instructions above.

  27. Stephanie says

    I am able to easier follow your steps with .pes I have purchased. However, I was trying to advance my skill level, and the program Sew-What Pro was recommended. I am in the trial phase before deciding whether or not to purchase the full program and am having some problems. Specifically, I can save the file as .pes, and while other bought files will transfer to the Brother, the files I make will not. Any experience similar to this to help me identify the problem? Many reviews say this is the best program for my level. Do you use Embird or something else I should try?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Stephanie, I haven’t tried Sew-What Pro or Embird because I have a Macintosh and they’re PC-only. I could run them on my Mac in a Windows emulator, but I really don’t want to use Windows. So I use Embrilliance because it runs on both Macs and PCs. But many people like Sew-What Pro or Embird.

      The most common reason files won’t transfer is that the design is larger than 3.9×3.9 inches. Have you set the hoop size to 100mmx100mm? Open the file in SewWhat Pro and make sure the design is centered and doesn’t have any stray stitches.

      Can you transfer any designs you create in Sew-What Pro? Try a very simple one.

      However, I did have a strange case from a reader. She had created several designs in Sew-What Pro. Some transferred and some did not. All small enough. She sent me the designs and I couldn’t transfer them either. But when I saved the files in Embrilliance, they worked. The only difference I could see in the files was that there was some overlap in the objects. She was making a design built up of letters. Each letter was a separate object — i.e. an outline around it and it could be moved as a block. The letters didn’t overlap, but the outlines of the objects did because the letters were close together. Embrilliance has a setting: Remove overlaps when saving switch files. And after I saved it, the .pes file only had one object. This file could transfer both for her and me. This is hard to explain and I don’t know how it looks in SewWhat Pro because she didn’t tell me anything more than that my files worked for her. You could try seeing if SewWhat Pro has a similar setting or trying a design with only one object or no overlapping objects.

      I would suggest trying Embrilliance except their demo program doesn’t allow you save the files. Bummer because how can you really try it if you can’t transfer and stitch your results?

  28. chelsy means says

    I am having trouble with my machine, idk if you handle any fabric applique questions. I am trying to do the fabric applique monogramming in a circle. I already have the design downloaded on my computer and it is correct (pes, and 4×4) that’s what my brother pe500 uses. Now I cant get them to transfer to my machine. do u have to download other software to use these? please help me!!!! thanks hun and god bless you!

  29. charlotte says

    Thank you so much. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out some of this. I have a Brother PE770. I’m getting there but your input has really helped.

    I do have another question. I want to do monogrammed initials. I downloaded the fonts but I can’t figure out how you put the initials altogether. Do you have to have a program in your computer to do this? any help would be appreciated.


    • chelsy means says

      charlotte this is the exact problem im having!!!! I don’t have the same machine. I have a brother pe500 but they work almost the same im sure. may I ask if you have figured out anything yet?

  30. Rita says

    I want to figure out how to monogram with my SE 400. Where can I go to get different fonts? How can I do 3 letter monograms?

  31. Sandy Danforth says

    Kamala, i’m not computer smart, with that being said, my question is how do i go about making a pes file format on my computer? I have windows 8 . I tried google and different other reasources but never really found out how to make a pes file . I Have a Brothers SE425 Which i got for christmas. Thank You

  32. Shari Jackson says

    Why does some of my designs not show up on my little screen? I can copy a file by usb and it shows that it copied but I can’t see it, it even shows when I hook the usb back up to my computer that the file is there but there is no picture so I cant pick that design to sew.

  33. Deborah Yount says

    Do you know of any free downloads for different fonts that are compatible with the brother se400? I want to do some monogramming but would really like some different fonts to choose from.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Inez, You need software to covert a photo image to an embroidery design file. You don’t need to use cards. You can download the embroidery design file directly from your computer. There are many choices for software. Have a look at Embird. You’d need the basic software plus the photo add-on module.

  34. Quiana says

    Hello, I just purchased a cd to embroider 3 letter with the middle one being larger. I added to my ped card writer in the correct order.its the brother basic size hoop and it will embroider the first small letter,the second large letter and when it gets to the third one it wants to embroider over the first letter again. I repositioned the hoop to get it to work but that’s such a pain! How can I get this to work? Thanks so much!!

  35. Samantha Pence says

    I downloaded an interlocking font onto my brother se400. However, I cannot figure out how to make it stitch in one, instead of having to do all three letters seperately.

  36. Jo Harris says

    I have just gotten my se400. Am I going to need to buy a special program to download on my laptop to do monograming? I am mainly wanting to do the 3 lettering on shirts and I also on your web site I can do hats.

  37. Rhonda says

    Hi Kamala,

    I just got the se400 for Christmas. The only problem I am having is some parts of the design are not stitching. It just looks like I did not finish out the design, but I did. Any suggestion on what I could be doing wrong?


  38. Jennifer says

    I want to make my son a shirt for a trip to Disney. He will be celebrating his birthday while there and I want to put the number 4 in his shirt with Mickey ears. Above the number I want to write ” I am” and below the number I want to write “today”. My problem is the words look way to small in the shirt, so I wanted to break it up into sections so the words could be larger. Is there a way to do this?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Jennifer, Yes. Look on page 146 in the Operation Manual for instructions. If the problem is that the letters are too small even with the words broken up, you’ll need to find or purchase an alphabet design set with larger letters.

  39. Donna Kelly says

    My e-mail embroidery design on computer went to Real Player. Real Player will not release design.
    Please give me instructions . My embroidery design came from Murphy’s Design-Marian Ecker. She
    sent the design in Unzipped e-mail.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Donna, this sounds like a Windows problem which I know very little about because I only use a Mac.
      The design is an attachment in the email. You need to save it to disk. You cannot open embroidery designs on your computer without special embroidery software. If you don’t have software, I suggest downloading the free Wilcom TrueSizer. Then see if it will go to TrueSizer. If not you need to right-click and choose “Open with”. I guess it’s going to Real Player because you’re double-clicking and Windows doesn’t know what to do with embroidery design files. You can however transfer the design to the SE400 for stitching without further software. Just don’t double-click it. Copy it to the SE400 following my instructions in this post.

  40. Katie says

    I have an SE400 and it will NOT read PES format at all. Only DST. I cannot get the PED-Basic to read the DST files. Am I doing something wrong?

  41. Carla says

    Are you familiar with Stitchbuddy? I downloaded the fonts from Itch2stitch and opened them in Stitchbuddy and created my 3-letter embroidery design but cannot get it to open in my Brother SE400. I followed your directions for the MAC and when it gets to the point where it’s transmitting through USB it never uploads the file. I’ve read other comments here and the only thing I can think is that the file wasn’t unzipped. How do you unzip the file? It looks like its saved as a PES file though. I had to resize it before it would save it so I don’t think it’s the file size. Any help is appreciated.

  42. Shari Jackson says

    I have a question. I have the SE400. I have done some things on it and they turned out perfect. Tonight I did my Mother-in-law a blanket. One corner a butterfly, another corner 2 snowflakes, then her last name..All these were perfect..So I’m really starting to think IM Then I program her first name on the other corner, half of the W sews then the machine sits there “digging” in one spot. Just does not move just digs and digs. Now the blanket is ‘inside’ the machine. If I pull it, its gonna tear the material. What do I do and why does the machine do this? Every time I use it, it does this after making a few good designs.

      • Katie says

        I’ve had the same problem. Usually when the bobbin is getting just before the machine considers it low. Did you get an answer, I have ruined a couple projects because it has torn the fabric.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Shari,
      I usually have this problem when the bobbin case needs cleaning. The best thing is clean everything, change the needle, and inspect the bobbin and bobbin case and the edges around them. You can have a bur and it will make the thread hang up. Burs can be caused by breaking a needle. It can also get hung up if the bobbin is running low like Katie said. Maybe because the bobbin isn’t wound smoothly at that point. Check everything. See page 152 in the manual for instructions on cleaning the bobbin case. Even a bit of lint or dust can cause the bobbin thread to hang up.

      It doesn’t often happen to me, but since it does it for you after a few designs, maybe you need to clean the case, check the bobbin, and change the needle before beginning a new project. See if that helps.

      It’s difficult to get the material out when it’s down in the machine like that. Remove the cover to the bobbin and see if you can cut enough threads to loosen it.

      I also suggest watching the machine so you can stop it at the first sign of “digging” before the threads get too tangled and the material gets pulled in too deep. Somehow my SE400 seems to know when I’m not watching it and always picks that moment to misbehave. :-(

    • Katie Burr says

      Shari Jackson-
      Did you ever solve the problem with the “digging?”
      Mine does the same thing. Every time I try to put a name
      On a Tshirt it does that and completely ruins it.
      Please let me know if you found a solution

      • Shari Jackson says

        Thanks for the replies. I did clean the bobbin and reset it back in, seems to be better right now. Thanks!!

  43. Robin says

    I appreciate all your help.. thanks in advance..
    i purchased a Brother SE400 for my wife.. she gives up easily.. and trying to find the easiest way to create the maximum size letters for 1 letter 3 letters the middle one being bigger.. etc for initials..etc..
    is there a software that is just for the 4 x 4 loop to do these things easily

  44. edith scott says

    Can u use a ubs flash drive to download designs to the machine instead of seeing my laptop each time thank u Edith


    Hi I have a Brother se 400 and wish to make embroidery designs of my kids photos. kindly advise me step by step.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Josephine,
      You will need software to convert the photos to embroidery designs that the SE400 can stitch. Embird does this. You’ll need the basic Embird software plus the photo module. Embird offers a free-trial. I’m sure there’s other software that does this, but I don’t know anything about it.

  46. Nicole Woods says

    Hi Kamala!
    I just learned that I’m getting an SE400 for Christmas!!! I’m so excited! Can you please give me a preview of the list of supplies I will need to start using my machine? Such as, are there special thread types to use? Additional equipment needed? Or anything else you think I should know? Please and Thanks!

    • Kamala says

      Hi Nicole,
      I’m so excited for you too! You’re in for a lot of fun. You will need some test fabric. If you’re not a sewer with piles of scraps around, just buy some pieces of various types. Woven cotton is best, like a denim, but not stretchy. Don’t start with knits or towels as they’re trickier. I like a medium color so I can see the stitches in the bobbin and top.

      You’ll need stabilizer. This depends on what you’re doing. Start with medium cutaway as it’s most versatile. But you’ll want to experiment with different kinds.

      You’ll need embroidery thread for the top. This is different (thicker, more lustrous, and weaker than regular sewing thread). There are many brands. I bought just one spool at JoAnn’s to test. Then bought two assortments from Amazon because I wanted a lot of colors. I didn’t buy the expensive thread and haven’t had any trouble.

      I bought all that in small amounts at my local JoAnne’s. Or if there is another craft or sewing store near you. Even Walmart has some supplies. Then when I found out what I liked, I bought in larger quantities, less expensive online, mostly from

      Some sort of marking pen — disappearing ink pen and I use blue painter’s tape (Walmart) for positioning.

      That’s really all you need to get started and learn the machine.

      Bobbin thread is different still. It’s lighter weight than regular thread. A pre-wound bobbin or two and a spool of bobbin thread comes with the machine. So you won’t need to buy any for awhile.

      Small scissors also come with, but I found special embroidery scissors handy for cutting the threads in the hoop. Also special scissors (duck-blade) for cutting appliqué fabric close.

      I use other things that I just had because I love tools and I’ve been sewing for years so I accumulate them — normal things like pins, needles, basting thread. You’ll know when you need them. So much depends on the type of projects. You don’t need to buy a lot of stuff until you need it.

      My real advice would be to look at the Quick Start guide and User’s manual (there is also a CD) and learn how to use the machine step-by-step. Get familiar with all the parts and how to thread it, use the control panel, etc. Then try a test design using one of the built-in designs. Test the tension (p. 59 for sewing and 145 for embroidery).

      Have fun and enjoy!

    • Kamala says

      Did you buy a monogram embroidery design? You’ll need embroidery editing software. I use Embrilliance because it runs on my Mac (PC version too). Many people like Embird or SewWhat Pro. They all have free trials, so you can see if you like them before buying.

  47. Robin Moore says

    I have a brother SE400 and trying to find a simple script font with out to much fancy at the maximum size i can use on the SE400. I want to use this to create 3 letter embroidery on items ..
    what my main purpose is to have the first and third letter smaller and the middle letter as big as i can.. I have looked on multi web pages to try and find some just cant find anything that is big..
    Thanks in advance

  48. Tammy says

    Mine must be broke I have done it over n overt says transmitting by USB but I can’t see the design Im bout to send it back a friend sent me some from her computer they did fine I ordered some online I can’t get them to come one the machine please help or tell me is it broke :)

    • Kamala says

      Hi Tammy, I’m sorry you’re having such a trouble. I would be very surprised if your machine is broken. It does turn on and stitch OK, right? It’s almost always something wrong with the design. Just to be clear on what you said: Your friend sent you some designs that you transferred over to the SE400 OK. But the ones you ordered online, don’t show up in the machine. There are a few things that cause this:
      1. Did you unzip the file you bought? Most designs you buy online come with several versions in a “zip” file. You have to unzip it and only copy over the file for the se400.
      2. It’s a .pes file
      3. Usually it’s because the design is larger than 3.9×3.9 inches. It could say it’s small enough, but be off-center or have a stop-stitch somewhere outside the frame. These things will make the SE400 think it’s too big.

      Do you have embroidery editing software? If not, download the free Wilcom True-Sizer software and have a look at the design.

      I hope this helps you figure it out. If not, write back and I’ll have a look at the design on my SE400. And thanks for answering the question about embroidering on ribbon.

  49. Srikanth says

    I am wanting to gift my sister brother SE400 who is in India. Will this machine work in India.
    If no how do I make it work……
    Please need suggestion

    • Kamala says

      Hi Srikanth,
      This is a difficult question. The SE400 runs on 120v. India has 240v. There is also a difference in frequency. The SE400 is not like a laptop or travel accessory that has a built-in converter. When I lived in Italy, I ran my US sewing machine on a step-down transformer (converts voltage, not frequency) without any problems. But it was a very old electronic, not computerized machine, much less sophisticated than the SE400. Both Amazon and Brother say not to use a transformer with the SE400, so it would be a risk to try it. Brother sells these machines world-wide under different model numbers. It would be better to find her a machine from a 240v country. Japan? Hong-Kong? But I don’t know anything about them. Whatever you do, don’t just get an adaptor and plug it in. Adaptors only convert the plug/socket, not the voltage. Someone wrote that that did it and blew out the machine. Sorry I can’t help more. Good Luck.

  50. Becky says

    Your directions are so helpful. I was able to download monogram off of etsy and upload it to machine (I have a pe 500) with no trouble. Thanks so much. I do have a question. I was hoping that I would be able to program the machine to embroider all three letters of the monogram at once with the center letter larger. After pulling the monogram up on the machine it doesn’t look possible. Am I missing something or can you give me any tips on how to line up the two outside letters after completing the middle letter to get even spacing. Thanks so much. Your blog is a life saver!

    • Kamala says

      Hi Becky,
      I’m so glad you found the site helpful. You’re right; you can only stitch one letter/file at a time. I’ve never had much luck lining up the letters although I’m sure people with better positioning skills than mine can do it. The easiest way is to build the monogram with larger center letter in embroidery editing software. I use Embrilliance because it runs on my Mac (PC version too). Many people like Embird or SewWhat Pro. They all have free trials, so you can see if you like them before buying.

  51. Sandy says

    I have the SE400 and love downloading designs. Recently I downloaded a design of words “Merry Christmas”. The amount of space it takes up in the first number shows (48/476KB)but the picture did not show on the screen so there is nothing for me to click on to be able to use the design. Any idea what could be the problem?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Sandy,
      There are several causes. Usually it’s because the design is larger than 3.9×3.9 inches. Or not in PES format. In some strange cases, the machine can think it’s larger if the design is off center or if the designer has a stray stitch outside the embroidery frame. Do you have any embroidery software you can look at it with? Or try the free Wilcom True Sizer software.

  52. NCmomOf2 says


    Is there a way to Monogram on ribbon with the SE-400?
    If so could you pretty please explain a “how to”?? :)
    I have seen hairbows (maybe 1 1/2″ wide ribbon?) with a letter monogrammed on one corner.
    Do you think if it can monogram ribbon… that there would be a way to monogram something as thick as a dog collar or leash? (given it is wide enough)
    Last question… I promise! :)
    Do you offer “Live” (webcam based) classes on specific items… or would you consider doing them (with a class fee, so it benefits all :) So that we can ask questions as well as do the project right along with you in “real time”. ???

    Thank you!!!!
    Kind Regards,

    • Tammy says

      Try this pen ribbon on stabilizer backing sheet real tight then place in hoop if you can pen outside edge so when it sews it won’t hit needle on pens try that

      • NCmomOf2 says

        Thank you for the good idea! :)
        I have yet to try it… (tis the season :) )
        I will keep you posted when I am able to play on my machine :)
        (probably after the holidays…{sigh}… Super excited for holidays to be over…(hahaha) only so I can have more free time to learn, play and create! :)

        Happy Holidays!

      • NCmomOf2 says

        Knowing you have had good luck monogramming a pet collar, along with Tammy’s idea above…
        Im getting even MORE excited for this holiday season to be over so I can try it too! :)

        Thank you for sharing!! :)

        Happy Holidays!

      • Jennifer says

        What size dog collar did you embroider? I want to embroider my 1 inch leashes and collars between 1 inch and 2 inches. I am thinking as long as i did the small lettering i should be fine right?

  53. Erica says

    I have monogram wizard plus and a Brother SE400. I imported my initials to monogram and it shows on the screen all 3 initials but it only monogrammed one! How can I make it do all 3?? I’m so confused and irritated! Haha..

    • Kamala says

      Hi Erica,
      When you say all 3 initials show on the screen, do you mean individually? Did you import 3 files? The SE400 can only stitch one file/design at a time. I don’t have Monogram Wizard so I’m not sure how it works. But you have to get it to merge the 3 initials into one design, save it as one file and upload it to the SE400. Then it will stitch everything.

      If you have all three initials in a single file, then I don’t know. It most be something in Monogram Wizard that tells it to stop after the first initial. But that would be very strange.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Ann, Usually when the SE400 doesn’t recognize a design, it’s because it’s larger than 3.9 x 3.9 inches. It can look OK, but if the design is off-center, or the designer put an anchor stitch outside the embroidery area, the machine thinks it’s too big. You may have to open it in embroidery editing software to see it.

  54. NCmomOf2 says

    Thank you SO much for making this blog!
    I am a new owner of the SE400 and so far (the 5 days I have had it) I LOVE IT!!
    I cannot wait to explore all the other Hoop options, as well as start my library of embroidery designs!
    Your blog has given me WAY more useful knowledge and easier “How To” instructions than what came with the machine.
    Thank you thank you!

    -your newest fan …. chasidy

  55. Ann says

    I bought a 50 font special package online and downloaded it. I try to load it to the removable disk but it wont hold it. What do I d to get my 50 fonts to my se400? thank you

    • Kamala says

      Hi Ann, You can’t load 50 fonts to the SE400 at one time. It will only hold 12 designs. You have to either stitch the letters one at a time or the easiest way is to combine the letters into the word you want with embroidery editing software. Then save the complete design as a .pes file, load that to the SE400, and stitch it.

  56. Lauren says

    HI Everyone,

    I just purchased my brother se400 and am so excited! I have a few questions:

    1. I was trying to download the driver from the brother website, but I keep getting an error saying it is incompatible with my computer (windows vista). Has anyone had that problem before? How did you resolve it?

    2. I was wondering how to get the designs from the sewing machine to the computer. For instance, I was going to buy a program like Embrid, so that I can combine 2 patterns (a bear with a letter).

    Thank you in advance for your help! I just love your blog! Lauren

    • Kamala says

      Hi Lauren,
      Welcome! It’s really exciting to start embroidering.
      1. I’ve never heard about needing a driver for the SE400 before. But I have a Macintosh, so I don’t know about Vista.
      2. You can’t get the designs from the sewing machine to your computer. It’s a one-way street as it were. You would have to stitch the bear first and then stitch the letter. You can move the layout to position the letter. It would be easier with Embird, but you’d have to find the designs somewhere else (free or purchase), import them into Embird, create your design, save it as PES file and import it into the SE400.

  57. Jan says

    I have the SE400 and a Brother card. It has read from this card before. I have only 3 designs on it that are 4×4 inches but yet it says it cannot read this card. It can read this card, it has before. What can I do to get it to read the card. It is basically brand new, a Brother card and read it just before. Please help!
    Thank You

  58. Carolyn Miller says

    Thank you so much I haven’t downloaded any designs yet but with your help I’ll try .this is how I’ve learnt what I know about sewing is read and keep trying.

    Thank you

  59. Shannon says

    Hi, I have downloaded some nice monogram fonts from the internet for my brother se-400. Is there a way to make the 3 letter embroidery design from these fonts? I can only figure out how to use one letter at a time and it is very hard to line them up exactly to make a nice 3 letter design. Any tips or help? I was hoping I could set it to do all 3 letters in one round like you can withe the pre-loaded fonts.

  60. Carol Newton says

    I just ordered a memory card for an se400 brother embroidery machine and it says it is compatible to ped downloads which I use pes downloads.
    Do I want to use this card it was ordered from amazon.
    Please let me know if I can use this card or send it back.
    I just love my se400 machine and don’t want to ruin it.
    Thank you very much.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Carol, I don’t know. I haven’t tried this card since Amazon stopped carrying the card from Brother. It’s says it’s compatible. You could just try writing the card. I doubt it would ruin the SE400 if it works with PED-Basic Software for downloading. I think if it’s not compatible, PED-Basic just won’t see it in the Card Reader. Sorry I can’t help more.

  61. Ginger George says

    Thank you for this information. I wanted to make the popular vines monogram with the middle letter bigger. What do you recommend? I have the Brother LB6800 prw and I’m just experimenting and a basic sewer. Thanks again!!

  62. Jennifer Pilkington says

    Help!! I received the Brother SE400 as a Christmas gift last year. I believe that it came with a CD that I’m unable to locate. I was just wondering if you knew what this CD does and if I’m going to need it. I’ve contacted Brother, but I’ve not heard back from them.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Jennifer, The CD is an instructional CD with videos. You don’t really need it. It doesn’t contain any software you need to install or anything needed to run the machine. I wasn’t too impressed with the videos and only watched the first couple which were winding the bobbin and threading. Now there are a lot of videos on YouTube about setting up the SE400, if you can’t figure it out from the manual.

      • Jennifer Pilkington says

        Thank you!! I really appreciate your help. I’m still trying to figure this thing out. My daughter, on the other hand, is having no problems at all. (14yrs old) Unfortunately, she is annoyed by my requests for her help ;)

        • Kamala says

          Hi Jennifer, You have my sympathies. Young people seem to be born knowing how to use the latest technology, while it’s harder for us. Just take it slowly, step by step and you’ll do great!

  63. Brenda Blanco says

    I just purchased the SE400 last week for my 17 and 19-year-old daughters. My 17-year-old had time to sit down this weekend and watch the video that came with it, and last night she embroidered a monogram on a piece of cloth and sewed it on a t-shirt as a pocket. I’m so proud of her!! While I may be crafty, I know nothing about sewing…so she had to do this on her own.

    She’s having trouble with one area. She has downloaded fonts and knows how to use those to prepare a monogram — at least one way to do it, but we think there must be an easier way. She is only able to embroider one letter at a time and then has to move the hoop over to embroider the next letter, and so on for the third letter. This is only when she’s using a font she has downloaded. (If it’s fonts that came on the machine, she knows how to key in all three of those so they embroider at once.) Is there a way to have the machine embroider all three downloaded fonts at once — in essence embroider the entire monogram at once?

    • Brenda Blanco says

      I should have read the post before mine! She’s having the same problem. In your response you mention embroidery software can be utilized to string the letters together. Where do I get this and what type of software is compatible for those purpose on the SE400?

      • Kamala says

        Hi Brenda, all embroider software that I know of is compatible with the SE400. The software runs on your computer. You put the letters together and save the complete design as a .pes that is downloaded into the SE400. There are many choices for software and a lot is personal preference. Many people like Embird or Sew What Pro. They both have free 30-day trials, so you can see if you like them before buying. I use Embrilliance. But only because it runs on my Macintosh. The others are PC only. Compliments to your daughter – that’s great she was able to do so much so quickly.

    • Kamala says

      Hi Brenda,
      Yes, the SE400 can only stitch one file/letter at a time. If the whole monogram fits in the hoop, she doesn’t have to re-hoop to embroider the next letter. She can move the layout with the keys in the Layout > Adjust screen. But the easiest way is to put the letters together with software.

  64. Laura I says

    I downloaded a new set of alphabets but how can I string them together as a word or name? The problem is that when I download them they are like individual files. Do I just have to stitch one, then figure out the right spacing and stitch the next character, etc.? Obviously I am new to this – any help?

    • Kamala says

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, you can do it that way. But it’s faster and easier to put the letters together with embroidery software and save it as one design to transfer to the SE400 for stitching.

  65. Sloane Sharpe says

    Can you give me some names of reputable sites that offer 3 letter monogramming downloads. I already have the PED Basic adapter but now need the files!

    • Tricia says

      I am also very interested in 3 letter monogram downloads for the SE400 – any thoughts or recommendations? Thank you!

      • Kamala says

        Hi Tricia, there are a lot of options. If you want to do a lot of fancy monograms, you could look at special software for monograms. I don’t know much about them because I don’t do enough monograms to make the investment in specialized software. You need to find alphabet fonts. There are many choices depending on what you want to monogram, size, style. Each letter will come in a separate embroidery design file – large letters for the center and small letters for left/right. You’ll need embroidery editing software to merge the letters together to create a 3-letter monogram. Any editing software will work here and you can use it for many other embroidery projects too. Many people like Embird or SoWhat Pro. Both have a 30-day free trial. I use Embrilliance, because it runs on Macintosh as well as PC.

  66. Sharon says

    I want to monogram larger than will fit in the 4 x 4 hoop. I want a Brother machine but can’t find an answer to how I can make larger monograms.


    • Kamala says

      Hi Sharon,
      If you want to embroider designs larger than 4×4″, you need a machine with a larger embroidery area. If 5×7 is large enough for you, have a look at the Brother PE770. If you need it even larger, go to your Brother dealer and have a look at more advanced machines. If you already have the SE400, the only way is to split the design and stitch it in pieces. I’ve never tried this, because I don’t think I could ever get the pieces lined up so it looks good. You’ll need embroidery software.

    • Laura I says

      If you have the ‘large’ hoop for the SE400 you can rotate your words to gain a longer area to embroider. It is still only 4″ wide – but that accommodates pretty large lettering.