How to Find the Brother SE400’s Machine Number

Using embroidery designs from Brother’s site requires that the design be linked to the machine that you’ll use to embroider the design. This allows Brother to prepare the size and format of the design that will work properly with your machine. It also allows them to copy-protect the designs, especially the special licensed character designs.

The machine ID is used to connect the machine to the design. The machine ID is unique to your machine and is different than the machine serial number.

The machine ID for the Brother SE400 is found in a Settings page using the Control panel. Press the Settings Key on the Control Panel (circled in red in the photo below):

Select the Settings Screens

You’ll come to the first page of settings. Press the > key until you get to the page with the machine number on it.

Select the Settings Screens


Select the Settings Screens

Enjoy your iBroidery designs.

Our Readers Respond ...

  1. Carey Estill says

    I received my brother se400 in May 2016. I ordered mine from Amazon. I just tried the embroidering this past December. Some things went well, others terribly wrong. I have tried less than 10 projects. The upper thread keeps popping out. I have taken everything out and re-threaded. Checked bobbins, tension, cleaned out for debris…all to no avail. When the upper thread pops out, the remaining thread is way more difficult to pull out than it should be. It looks like it is getting hung up at the #3 thread area. Sorry for my lack of technical terms. I am a beginner. My tension is set on 3. Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.


    Carey E.

    • LDhelps says

      Try the following suggestions:
      (A) Set the tension on one (1).
      (B) Make sure your thread is coming of the spool
      Smoothly and not getting stuck on the thread spool.
      (C) Make sure the needle is a size 10 or 11 and secure.
      (D) Make sure the bobbin is spooled smoothly.
      (E) Make sure the bobbin is secure and threaded in
      the groves as specified according to the manufacturer’s
      If none of these suggestions work go to a local Brother shop
      and ask for a demo of an SE400 closely observing for any help.

  2. Alice says

    I recently purchased the SE-400 online – new, still had the sticker on the bobbin. I am enjoying learning to sew and embroider with the machine. I wanted to download from the embroidery library some designs and use them. I have watched your video as well as those on YouTube. I am getting a message from my computer when transferring the file to the machine that the file has properties that cannot be copied to the new file location. I have tried several files and none seem to work. Do you know why I might be having this problem. I have left a message with Brother as well.

  3. Tracey Walker says

    I just ordered my brotherSE400 yesterday. I cannot wait to get it and start learning all there is to learn. I’m so glad I came across your site. I plan on visiting your site quire often.

  4. Cindy D'Ortona says

    Hi Kamala,
    Thank you so much for this VERY informative site! I have it bookmarked and visit often. I downloaded embroidery designs from Embroidery Library in the PES format. I tried to open them so I could rename the different designs. None of them would open. Is this normal or do I need additional software that is able to open the PES format?

  5. Sharon Jones says

    I purchased this machine at an estate sale…it appears to have everything except the presser feet or the accessory kit. Thea Machine appears to be almost new with the instruction CD and book in good shape. Where can I order the feet or an accessory kit? I can’t wait to try it out!!!!
    Thank you so much.

    • Cindy D'Ortona says

      I purchased Brother feet at Also, if you go to a Brother authorized dealer, they usually have most of them in stock. You can also buy them from the Official Brother site.

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