How to Remove a Saved Design

You can save up to 12 designs (or 512KB) in the Brother SE400’s permanent memory. This is handy for saving special words or designs you’ve customized so that you can use them again, even if you turn off the machine.

When you’re finished with a design or need more room, you can easily use the touch screen controls to remove designs you don’t want anymore. Here’s how.

1. From the embroidery Home Screen on the control panel, press the Retrieve Key.

Press the Retrieve Key

Press the Retrieve Key

2. You will see the designs you’ve saved. Navigate to the design you want to remove with the Next (>) button.

Select the design and delete.

Select the Design and Press DELETE.

2. Select the design by pressing its image.

3. Press [DELETE]. You’ll get a confirmation message. Just click “OK.”

Our Readers Respond ...

  1. Carol Josephs says

    I just got my Brother PE525 and downloaded two designs but I want to delete them and I have followed your instructions and it did not work what is the problem?

  2. Karen says

    I am having troubles finding what I want to delete off of my brothers machine. When you look at the storage space on the machine it states that it is there but when you go to pull the image up it is not. How do I delete a file or image that is not there. I have been researching this for the past 2 days. I need help

  3. Vickie Pergram says

    Kamala, I am unable to download embroidery fonts from my laptop to my machine. Do I need a memory stick to do this? Please give me step by step directions if I can do this without the memory stick. If I do need one, do you have advice on places to purchase those. Thanks!

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